Sourcing Fonts

Sometimes, as with embedding movies and audio, it is easier and more efficient to utilize a service that will deliver the fonts via their servers.

This type of service will allow you to not worry about font-package types, as the service will often query the browser and deliver the appropriate type. Additionally, this means that you do not have to manage the fonts on your server space.

As with anything, a simple google search with a query like “free web fonts” should return many lists and resources.

A few specific locations though include;

  • Font Squirrel
    • This site has many GNU/MIT fonts, as well as “paid” fonts.
    • This site also links to other font sites.
  • Font Spring
    • This is trying to be a for-profit type site. However, there are many fonts which the site will give up for free, or release a few of the font-varieties from a larger family for free.
  • Google Fonts
    • Google runs everything. Of course they also have a font service.