Setting Size

As you can imagine, it is important to be able to adjust the font size of an element, element type, or the entire page. Fortunately (or unfortunately as you may find out), there are many ways to accomplish this all through the font-size: css property.

In general, this property may be use to set the font size of a page or specific element. You can do so through units of measure that you are likely already familiar with, such as pt (point, font-size: 12pt) or px (pixel, font-size: 16px).

font-size: may pass “fixed-size” declarations or “relative-size” declarations. Depending on how you want the font to perform under certain conditions, you can set as such:


I am 21px in size.

I am 150% in size.

I am 1.5em in size.

Let’s go over these different methods of sizing!