12://CSS Website

Now that you’ve had some practice with using CSS, let’s apply it to building sites filled with pages that look and fuction with a cohesive theme.

For this site, use your knowledge of CSS to create a standard 4-page site for an imaginary client. You’ll be introduced to placeholder content and using filler content while prototyping, as well as standard navigation and placement. This site should showcase:

  1. Your understanding of color.
  2. Well-selected and well-paired fonts.
  3. Creative use of typography principles.
  4. Use of positioning text, media, and layout elements.
  5. Clean, legible coding.

By the end of this Topic, we hope you:

  • Have a self-made 4+ page site.
  • Showcase an understanding of CSS as a styling language.
  • Explored building a site based off of a theme, which is reflected across all its content.