Internal Linking

Relative Linking Within Your Repository

As you now know, the internet is built foundationally on links and inter-connected files and systems. We’ll get into hypertext and hyperlinks later on in the course, but for right now, let’s continue the discussion on absolute URLs and discussion on relative URLs, looking at linking the files within our directory together.

You’ve done some linking in markdown already, using outside sources and absolute URLs:

[discussion on absolute URLs](

But I can also link to pages in this website using relative URLs, as long as I stay within my /intro-web-dev repository. As the administrator of this site, I can link to the same page like so:

[discussion on relative URLs](/topic-02/urls-relative/)

If within our Intro-Web-Dev repo, I can use either of these methods to link back to the same page. But one is much more efficient for me to type, and doesn’t require me to have pushed all of (or anything) to GitHub’s servers yet.

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