The Index

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Almost every website you encounter has a master HTML file called the index. There can be multiple index files on a site, but at least one index is the homepage of the site.

You are going to create a lot of files labeled index.html. Similar to READMEs and GitHub, when a URL is passed to a browser that does not specify a file, the browser automatically “looks for” and requests a index.html from the host server.

Directory Tree
├── index.html 
├──  css/
│   └──  style.css
├──  images/
│   ├──  photo-1.jpg
│   └──  photo-2.jpg
└──  pages/
    ├──  about.html
    ├──  contact.html
    └──  gallery.html

Neat-O Essentially, this means something like and are the same! (This is not true for all websites, but for many.)

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