GitHub Pages

Okay, it’s time for our first HTML coding experience and subsequent page. Writing it is only half the battle - we also need to figure out how to get it on the internet for others to view.

We are going to need to acquire server space. This is where we will store our files. Furthermore, this server will actually “serve” these files to requesting host-computers. In addition to acquiring a server, we will need to each get individual and unique URLs where we can point a computer to.

Github pages logo

This is where GitHub Pages really comes into play:

  • ...providing free storage and hosting.
  • ...providing a free domain.
  • ...providing avenues for testing and sharing solutions between student and instructor.

What is GitHub Pages? provides free web hosting for static websites (a static site is one that does not involve server-side computational work beyond serving or delivering files to a requesting host-computer). For this course, this means we can utilize them as our server, and they will also provide us with URLs!

GitHub assigns each user the following URL:

This is your baseurl. You will “attach” paths to further child directories and files to the end of this basurl. For example,

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