This topic is all about the internet, what it is, and what it isn’t. We’ll take a wide look at how we approach creating for the web, and begin setting up your development environment.

Our course is broken up into 4 modules, at 3-to-4 topics a piece. These topics will help you create the module’s project. Your first project (and its topics, beginning with this one) introduces the class and its tools (GitHub), as well as the (in)tangibility of the internet and world wide web.

By the end of this Topic, we hope you:

  • Have some idea what the internet is and is not, and be able to articulate these opinions.
  • Understand what web development is and is not, and keep it in mind going forward.
  • Explored the distinction between text editors and word processors, and why we use the former for web development.
  • Made your first-ever web file!