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“Welcome to the Course!”


Coding. Learning. Engagement. Great websites.

This course will ask you to learn and adapt to new technologies, while also thinking about design and content creation. By its end, you should feel comfortable making websites from the ground-up, and utilizing your peers as learning tools in this creative community.


Some topics will lean more technical in nature, while others (albeit fewer) will be more design-based. Just as the content focus will shift, so too will the work amount. Some topics, especially those where new ideas are being introduced, have a heavier workload. The goal of this is to make you practice with these new technologies and techniques, while other areas will slow down and allow you to tinker at a more exploratory pace.


The main goal of this course is to allow you an opportunity to become comfortable with technologies used in web development. Another is to get you thinking about web design and possibilities for content creation via the web.